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  • Why are my deform animations not working?
    This can happen if you have been wearing deformers or SL simply hasn't cleared your bone positions correctly To clear your bone positions follow these steps: 1. Detach all deform attachments if any are attached 2. Teleport to an alternate location or log out then back in Your deformers now work perfectly
  • Why do i look all deformed while wearing the Demo/Body?
    Many other attachments can deform bones and provide and inaccurate view of [SP] items Please always undeform before trying Demos To clear and Undeform your Avatars bones follow these steps: 1. Detach all Deformations you may be wearing 2. Avatar - Avatar Health - Undeform Avatar If this doesnt work log out of SL and back in again
  • Why is my whole body red?
    The body is red due to wearing a body alpha while being BOM enabled. The [SP] PEACH Mesh Body is already BOM enabled Simply remove your alpha and you will return to your BOM state.
  • Why do the butt cheeks spread out when I adjust my shape below 30 with the slider?
    This is an issue that has existed for all mesh bodies with butt bone weights that Linden Lab has never fixed on the base avatar level This is not a problem with your body [SP] suggests to not lower it below 30 as to preserve the proper look
  • How do I get further assistance?
    To receive further assistance you can do the following 1. Join our Discord and ask one of the CSRs available to help 2. Join our in-world Group and ask one of the CSRs there
  • May i make suggestions and request new features i want for the peach?
    Please understand there is no PEACH assembly line or group of creators. Spider Carnot Owner/Creator of [SP] is the ONLY creator. But we always listen to and appreciate suggestions feel free to leave them in the #suggestions channel of out Discord server. Feel free to Join our PEACH Body Discord server here
  • Are there any mods out yet?
    The thigh pudge mod was available day 1, others will come later since Spider has plans to create original [SP] PEACH mods. We strive to provide the best quality mods for others to rig easily and have gloss and materials work them seamlessly with HUD and customs.
  • Are there plans for a rigged genitalia addon in the future?
    Yes original PEACH body rigged genitalia addons are currently in the plans for future releases Certain tasks take priority over this currently but its in the plans for the future, time must be used as efficiently as possible
  • Why does it not adjust my height when wearing a shoe base?
    [SP] always creates items the best it can possibly be. Please bare in mind there are a lot of SL limitations (limited info with glitches with blender ect) This glitch is unknown at this time Technical glitch of how its exported? There is no solution at this time. If this minor glitch is able to be solved it will be fixed and rolled out in a future update Please free to leave some suggestions in the #questions-suggestions or #peach-designer-chat channel in the Discord server
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